Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Denis Nkenji Update

We wanted to give all of you an update on Denis Nkenji.  As you will remember, Denis is the young boy with a serious cardiac lesion.  Without repair, he would not live many more years.  With the help of many of you giving generously, we were able to help pay for him to have his needed heart surgery.  The surgery was done at Shisong Catholic Hospital in Cameroon.  It was done in May when a European pediatric cardiac surgeon was at the hospital.

The surgery went great!  We immediately heard that it was successful.  He then spent a few days in their ICU and then some more time in the hospital, but always on the path of recovery.  He then went home and we just recently got more good news.  He returned to the hospital for his follow up appointment and he continues to do well.  We look forward to seeing him and his mom when we are back in Cameroon in October.  Below are some pictures that the cardiologist at Shisong Hospital shared with us.

This is Denis with his mom after getting out of the ICU and into a regular bed at the hospital.

This is Denis when he came back to the hospital for his regular surgical follow up appointment.  Nice suit Denis!

 Thanks again from Denis, his mom, and us to each of you for all the prayers and financial support.  Denis Nkenji's life has been changed.

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