Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mountain Views

 Mbingo is an incredible place to hike.  This photo was taken from the top of Mbingo Hill looking down on the hospital and surrounding houses in the bottom left.  JR and Chuck hiked up the hill to get a view early in the morning.  This panoramic really captures the setting where we live.

 This is the start of the hike and it takes you directly up that hill to the left.  You can also see a thatch roofed house at the base.  There are no switchbacks so it is pretty steep and was slippery on the way down, but we made it safely.  If you remember from an earlier post, this was the same hill that was lit on fire just 2 months ago and now is bright green.

 As we got to the top of the ridge we had beautiful views in both directions with just the right amount of cloud cover on the back side of Mbingo Hill overlooking another valley and more mountains.

 This is from the top of the hill looking down on the hospital area.  There is a red arrow pointing to our house.  The front door of the hospital is the roundish white building just left of center.

 This is the view of the mountain range from the Sparks' house just a few minutes walk from our house.  Steve Sparks is the missionary vascular surgeon who has been here for 6 years. There are at least 6 waterfalls in this range, but it is difficult to see them all in this picture.

This is looking down the valley from the hospital area.  Most days start clear and then clouds move in during the afternoon and then we have a late afternoon rain.

This was taken on a hike we did last weekend.  You can see the hospital area in the distance.  You can also see Mbingo Hill (the one JR and Chuck climbed) over Chuck's right shoulder.  The rains have made everything green and the views can often be clear for miles.  We all love the hiking here, but Isaac probably loves it the most.  Who wouldn't want to be carried to these views though?

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