Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We Made It

We have arrived!  We are getting settled in to our new home.  It was a long trip, but the people here have been very welcoming.  Isaac did fairly well on the trip...at least as good as you can expect for a 16 month old during a 24 hour trip...

When we left last Thursday, the photographer with Samaritan's Purse came to the airport to video us leaving.  Charlotte is the closest to Boone, NC (headquarters of Samaritan's Purse) that anyone in our program has ever left from and they wanted to record the leaving process.  Look for a video or photos on the Samaritan's Purse/World Medical Mission website in the next few months!

We flew through the night and ended up in the Paris airport at 2am our time, 8am Paris time.  Angela and Isaac were catching a nap before getting on the next 7 hour flight.  We then arrived in Douala and slept at the guesthouse before starting the 6 hour drive to Mbingo.  The drive takes you through the lush countryside before ascending into the mountains.  Our house sits right at 5000 feet.

Isaac would like to welcome you all to our new home.  We are living in a duplex with JR and Lindsay Young and their daughter Cathen (the other family we moved to Cameroon with) on the other side.  You can see our front door behind Isaac and some of the mountains in the distance.  Our house is across the street from some of the medical and surgical Cameroonian residents and Isaac has already met and played with some of their children.  We are mostly getting settled this week, unpacking, shopping for needed house supplies, and working to rid our houses of some unwanted guests - roaches and mice.  More on that later, but we are winning.


  1. Praying for y'all and especially that you get those critters evicted! ( ;

  2. We are glad to hear that arrived safely. It looks like your new home is in an amazing setting - what a great view! I am praying for you and I will ask Emma to say a prayer specifically targetting the unwanted guests - she will get a kick out of that. We can't wait to follow you in your amazing journey - looking forward to the next blog and more pictures! Lots of love to all of you. -- Catherine.

  3. I am glad that you guys made it safely and that Isaac is already making friends and hopefully adjusting well. We are so proud of you guys and wish you all the best in your new journey! Love, Suzanne and Chandan

  4. Hey sweet girl and handsome nephews. We prY for y'all daily and you are on our prayer list T church!

  5. I do know how to spell pray and at. Haha, disregard spelling on last comment. We know you are in God's will and He will protect and guide you.